Monday, November 10, 2008

Can you say 'bout time!

Wow, MIA blogger for sure. I was feeling guilty tonight on my new found Internet flame - facebook - and had to come back to my first love! Seems I do that a lot! We are great! A very long summer for the Honeas. Chris once again found a house for me to fall in love with, sold my other house out from underneath me, and remolded yet again! To sum it up, sold in June (thank goodness) moved in 4 weeks ago. So where did that leave us July, August, Sept, and part of October, me without Internet! We stayed at the beach, my moms, chris' dads camp, and back at my moms.
The girls are great! Kate started K5 at Parklane and Leah is at Centenary again for three half days. They are loving dance, played soccer and are growing like weeds. I'm sure there is much more to blog on but for now this is it.

Leah and Ms Donna - We love Ms Donna!

Kate getting ready for 1st day of K5 - lunch and all!

Beach girl!

Beach girl!

Leah's 3rd birthday.

Kate the cheerleader.


Leah, Kyle and Kate.

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