Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, we finally gave in. Kate has been begging for her ears to be pierced. I so did not want to do it. Don't know why, just didn't. I think she is still a baby (i know most get theirs when they are, but I didn't). Chris said go for it. If she wants it this badly, do it. So after a week of explaining the procedure hoping it would scare her out of it, we went. She did great. We told her they would do them at the same time, well they didn't. I told her if she got one she had to do the other. After that first one, she looked up at me with a "help me mommy" look. She never cried. I calmly said, you have to do the other and she nodded. It broke my heart. But now she loves it. Leah wanted hers too. She climbed in the chair and Kate told her it really hurt and out of the chair Leah went. I had NO intentions of letting Leah get hers.
*disclaimer we look the way we do b/c we had just left gymnastics.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family pics old and new.

Just a few pics of the Allen family old and new.

Granny and PawPaw Allen (Gladys Varnado and Ellis Allen) Not sure of date but prior to 1989 prob 87 or 88

PawPaw Allen - November 2008 His Birthday (Cori and Leah)

April 1999 - Cori's Wedding
PawPaw Allen, Malcolm Allen (2)
Judy Thompson (3), Kristi Alford (5), Derrel Allen (4), Randall Allen (1)my dad

Judy Thompson, Kate and Leah

Judy Thompson and Kate with alike Christmas Tree shirts

Karen W Allen (my mom), Judy Thompson, Kate and Leah at Christmas Parade - don't my children look thrilled ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Can you say 'bout time!

Wow, MIA blogger for sure. I was feeling guilty tonight on my new found Internet flame - facebook - and had to come back to my first love! Seems I do that a lot! We are great! A very long summer for the Honeas. Chris once again found a house for me to fall in love with, sold my other house out from underneath me, and remolded yet again! To sum it up, sold in June (thank goodness) moved in 4 weeks ago. So where did that leave us July, August, Sept, and part of October, me without Internet! We stayed at the beach, my moms, chris' dads camp, and back at my moms.
The girls are great! Kate started K5 at Parklane and Leah is at Centenary again for three half days. They are loving dance, played soccer and are growing like weeds. I'm sure there is much more to blog on but for now this is it.

Leah and Ms Donna - We love Ms Donna!

Kate getting ready for 1st day of K5 - lunch and all!

Beach girl!

Beach girl!

Leah's 3rd birthday.

Kate the cheerleader.


Leah, Kyle and Kate.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

5 Wonderful Years!

My baby girl turned 5 this week. 5 - I can't believe it! She is something. We started the day off at McDonalds for breakfast, went to story hour with Miss Mattie and rounded it off at the Mexican restaurant - all her favorite things. (chris works thurs, fri, and sat, I don't do much cooking on these days :) I really think she has had a good birthday. My niece, Kendall, turned 13 on the 10th so we've been celebrating alot! Kate had a party on sat. (pics to come) and we went to eat Japanese in Hammond Sat night! I am tired! The girls are still at it. Kate is having her first friend sleep over tonight. I typically don't do this, but it's a friend that's two years older and her grandmother lives next door. They are having a blast!

I have so much more to blog about. We have had VBS, swim lessons, and swim team. Tomorrow is Kate's first swim meet in Jackson. She is doing the 25m freestyle (one lap). So lots more to come. Also pics from her party.

Friday, May 30, 2008

End of year t-ball party

Well another year of t-ball has wrapped up. Kate had fun playing. Leah had just as much fun watching her and running the bases when the games were over. Here are a few pics of the party her team had.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Elvis ~ Thank You, Thank You Very Much

This was the girls theme for their dance review. I think they had fun. I was quit chaotic for myself, but fun for them. I especially like the photo with Kate and her class looking off to the right, they are all watching their teacher! HA! I personally thought my girls were mighty cute!

The girls and a friend from school and dance class.

I asked the girls to be silly.

Leah didn't get out of silly mode!

One of the dance teachers.