Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monday Night Football!

It's been a while. We've been busy! Leah started "school". Three half days a week at a local Methodist church. She absolutely loves it! She waits at the door in the mornings with her bag ready to go. On the days she doesn't good, she constantly is asking to go. Thanks goodness she likes it.Kate is still enjoying PA. Next week is Homecoming Week. We should be busy posting pictures next week of her dress up days.
This past Monday night, Chris and I had date night out of town. It was so much fun. We went to the Saints/Titans game. The Saints didn't do well and Deuce is out for the season, but Chris and I enjoyed our time away. I've got lots of pictures to post. My Aunt Kristi had a gathering before the game at their apartment. Lots of food and fun! After the game, we waited around for the players in the parking garage. It was fun to see what they drove and to see which players would talk to us. Deuce was so nice. Bless his heart, he was injured in the game not knowing if he would play the rest of season. He stopped to sign autographs and let me take his picture. All players were pretty cordial. Drew Brees, Charles Grant, Mike McKenzie , Sean Payton, and Reggie Bush entertained us. Well back to reality and another busy week.

More Saints Pics!

Kristi and I on her balcony in downtown NO, LA. I don't want to give specifics but, it's near Jackson Square and a block off Bourbon. Perfect location!

Deuce graciously limping over to sign jersey.

Yep, that be me with da head coach, Sean Payton! How awesome!

Me and Reggie, we're tight. (Call me Reg!)

My cousin Ben getting Drew Brees autograph. From what we gather, it is very odd for Drew to stop, especially after the pitful game! Thanks Brees!!!!!