Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall Fest Fun!

Apparently it really helps to stick your tounge out to catch the big one!

Leah picking the winner!

Bowling was hilarious. We let Kate walk up and take a go. She got baseball confused with bowling. Chris then taught both of them to bowl. Do I see a family outing coming soon :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Let the 'WEEN begin!

Well actually Sat. night kicked off our Halloween festivities. But, oops, I forgot my camera that night. So this morning the girls were allowed to dress up for school. Kate had a Fall Walk (they walk the halls for the older students) and a class party. Hopefully her Aunt Leighton got some good pics I can share for that (we, the parents, aren't allowed at school, HA :(.
Leah had a Fall Show. Her two year old class performed a poem and a song. I was surprised she didn't run to Chris and I when she spotted us, but she didn't. She did really good.
More pics are to come. Tonight is Fall Fest at PA and then Wednesday, Leah will have a class party and then we will Trick or Treat with our cousin, Kyle, that night.
In the following pics, Leah didn't want her picture taken before school. Kate has on "make-up". The last two are of Leah "performing" with her classmates. Her teacher, Ms. Priscilla, is standing behind her.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The big day!

And finally on Friday night, Lynlee was on the court. She was crowned the 2007 Homecoming Queen. CONGRATULATIONS Lynlee! It was a big weekend for everyone.

Lynlee and her dad

Lynlee with all her nieces and nephew.

Homecoming Week

Here are a few dress up days of Kate. The dress up days were cowboy, Hawaiian, jersey/hat, camo, and of course, red, white, and blue. She had a great time dressing up. On Friday, she asked me what we were going to be dressed up as for the next week, sorry sweetie, the fun is over, back to the uniform.

Sweet Baby

This is how I found Leah the other day. She was suppose to be taking her afternoon nap. I had heard her playing a little. I guess she finally tuckered out in the middle of her toys. She is getting to where she is trying to cut out that afternoon nap. I am doing everything I can to keep it!
She had a follow up on her finger last week. She'll have another surgery after the first of the year. Fortunately for her, age is on her side and she'll do fine.