Friday, November 23, 2007

Thankful Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with LOTS to be thankful for. We started out at my mom's and by the end of the day had covered three families in two counties. Whew!
My aunt L from VA came down to visit. The girls had lots of fun with them. It was a great day!

Leah is not a fan of the camera!

Jay being taken down by the girls.

L reading books to the girls.

This is from Leah's Thanksgiving Feast at school. This is the best pic I got, once she saw me, I was no longer able to take pics :(

More Holiday Fun

Here we are at Nana's visiting baby Sydney, Kyle and my sister and brother-in-laws. Nana was putting up her tree. Kate and Kyle were more interested in the ladder. Sydney was over from B'Ham and is almost 8 months.

The Zoo

I thought I had already posted these! We went to the zoo in NO before the weather got cool. We went on the perfect weekend. I think we even got some sun. The Audabon Zoo was having Swampfest the weekend we went. It was lots of fun with GREAT food and music.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Veteran's Day with my Indians

Today, PA celebrated Veteran's Day. It was a very meaningful program. K4 - 6th participated along with the school's chorale groups. Kate's class lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Kate was front and center. Next time, I'll teacher her to stand like a lady - HA! Notice the boy next to her with his finger over his mouth. The whole class walked in like this, it was funny!

When I picked the kids up this afternoon, I no longer had Kate and Kyle. It was Little Flower and Little Bear. Too cute!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dear Friends

About a week ago, Kate called out by name one of our dear friends we have in Jackson. We lived close to them and visited their beautiful place a good bit. She said, "I sure love __________". I thought it out of the blue and we talked a little about the things she use to do at their house. Yesterday, I found out the family is facing serious health issues. They say young children have a sixth sense at times. Maybe Kate was telling me. If you wouldn't mind, say a prayer for our dear friends. Last March, the four of us went to Steamboat and had an awesome time. It's good to have friends like them.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Did you know

That Chris has more than one beautiful sister. This is Leighton. She is adored by Kate and Leah. She is very athletic and is now starting her basketball season. GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Candy Snatchers.

Here are the trick or treators. They had a great time. We have Tinkerbell, a Fairy, and Flash. We had a blast! The last picture is of the kids with Chris' aunt Rhonda. Their church had a Trunk Er Treat. It was really cute.

Fall Fest at Nana's Church.

Ms. Janet's church had a fall fest. We stopped by for some food, games, and exercise to burn off some of that candy! They had lots of fun!

Leah's Party at School.

Here are a few photos of Leah and some of her friends at their party.

Leah looking at her friend wanting to know if he took her cheeto! HA!

The Great Pumpkin

Tuesday night was pumpkin carving night. Please ignore Kate's attire, she had a late afternoon cat nap. We went over to Meme's to carve our pumpkins.