Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, we finally gave in. Kate has been begging for her ears to be pierced. I so did not want to do it. Don't know why, just didn't. I think she is still a baby (i know most get theirs when they are, but I didn't). Chris said go for it. If she wants it this badly, do it. So after a week of explaining the procedure hoping it would scare her out of it, we went. She did great. We told her they would do them at the same time, well they didn't. I told her if she got one she had to do the other. After that first one, she looked up at me with a "help me mommy" look. She never cried. I calmly said, you have to do the other and she nodded. It broke my heart. But now she loves it. Leah wanted hers too. She climbed in the chair and Kate told her it really hurt and out of the chair Leah went. I had NO intentions of letting Leah get hers.
*disclaimer we look the way we do b/c we had just left gymnastics.....