Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family pics old and new.

Just a few pics of the Allen family old and new.

Granny and PawPaw Allen (Gladys Varnado and Ellis Allen) Not sure of date but prior to 1989 prob 87 or 88

PawPaw Allen - November 2008 His Birthday (Cori and Leah)

April 1999 - Cori's Wedding
PawPaw Allen, Malcolm Allen (2)
Judy Thompson (3), Kristi Alford (5), Derrel Allen (4), Randall Allen (1)my dad

Judy Thompson, Kate and Leah

Judy Thompson and Kate with alike Christmas Tree shirts

Karen W Allen (my mom), Judy Thompson, Kate and Leah at Christmas Parade - don't my children look thrilled ;)