Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

Tooth fairy gotta get a job!

Isn't she the cutest!!!

Bye, Bye, Bee-Bee!

So, I decided two weeks ago that Leah didn't need her Bee-Bee anymore. We were going to the dentist that afternoon and I wanted to be able to say, "No - she is not still using a pacifier". So, the night before, Leah packed her Bee-Bees up in a plastic bag, had one more night with her fix, then gave her Bee-Bees away the next morning. Now, don't call child services, a mom has got to do what a mom has got to do. Leah and I headed out to Wal-Mart (yes, this is the only store in our little town!). We found a baby that needed them and gave our plastic bag of used Bee-Bees to the baby. The mom did look at me with one eyebrow up at first, but once she realized what we were doing, she happily cooperated and took our bag. We then proceeded to the toy department and replaced the baby toys with a big girl toy! The first night was rough, but overall it has been a Wonderful Experience! Leah did great! Now, if she would just potty train!

Ball Time!

Once again, like last year, Kate is playing T-Ball. The kids get 5 or 6 chances to hit a pitched ball. If they don't get a hit, they get to hit off the tee. Kate has done so well, much improved from last year. She hits her pitch and actually fields the ball. Here are some action shots and a sweet friend of hers.

The Tooth Fairy Visit

As expected, the tooth fairy made a visit to our home. Kate was so excited to find her treasure. She and her dad made a special trip to Wal-Mart that morning. Kate not only picked a prize for herself, but also got something for Leah, too sweet! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!

ps. it won't be much longer before the fairy comes to get her second tooth that is about to fall out!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Catching Up!

We've been busy and I have once again let blogging get away from me. But, I've been a busy little blogger tonight! Keep scrolling, I posted alot! Have a great weekend!


So, today I'm going about my day and my phone rings. Conversation:

Cathy Brown: Cori, Kate wants to talk to you.
(my heart begins to race, why is Kate's teacher calling, and what does Kate want)

Kate: Mom, I lost a tooth!

Me: What! You're kidding, how awesome!
(me really, tearing up b/c my baby really isn't a baby, she's growing up before my very eyes!)

I was in shock! Chris immediately asked who hit her or what did she trip over! She bit into a grilled cheese today at school and out it fell. Mrs. Brown said she walked up with the tooth in her palm, cool as a cucumber! Kate had told/shown me days earlier a "gap" in her teeth. Sure enough, there was a gap. I guess this was the tooth detaching or something. The one next to the lost tooth is also loose! Really, she is only 4! Needless to say, I called the dentist and have checked with my aunt who is a hygienist - it could happen. Ironically, we already had an appt. scheduled with wonderful Dr. Cook in Jackson on Monday.

Guess you know who will be visiting us tonight!!!!!

But if you ask, this is how she'll show you!

Angels from God!

The other night Leah woke up crying. After going through the "I want Daddy, I want Nana, I want Meme" (notice she didn't ask for momma, really) I asked if she wanted to sleep with Kate. I really didn't know how this would work, we've never done that. She said yes, and fell right back to sleep. This is how I found them in the morning - it melted my heart!

ed note :), yes Kate still sucks her thumb and Leah still takes a "beebee" for naps and nite, nite time!

I thought this was a great pic of Leighton and the girls!

Zurich Classic

My Uncle Don played in the Pro Am down in New Orleans at the Zurich Classic. It was alot of fun!

Alligator making her way across the course!

Alligator in background as Don tees off.

Aunt Kristi and friend getting Drew Brees (Saints quarterback) autogragph.

Easter with the Blalocks.

Blalock Cousins

Great Grandmother - Meme Blalock

Easter Morn with the Honeas!

Pride and Joy - My Family!!!

The Kids! (minus Stuart, LeAnne, Kyle, Dave, Lacey, Emily, Sydney, and Caden, Seriously)

PaPa with girls!

Great Grandparents with girls - Mr. Lauren and MawMaw Opal.

NaNa, Papa, and girls.

Easter Egg Coloring!

Silly Girls!